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7 Websites to Find Career Opportunities in International Development


Idealist is a site for “idealists,” as they put it. In addition to listings for jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and events, Idealist also has information on over 120,000 organizations. Users can search through opportunities by picking categories of Government, Nonprofit, Consultant, Recruiter, or Social Enterprise. Additionally, users can also search by type of employment (Full Time, Part Time), location, professional level, and education so that job-searchers can find a position or opportunity that best fits with their experience and preferences. Organization profiles will also show whether that organization has any open positions. Although this site primarily posts jobs based in the United States, the site is user-friendly, intuitive, and well-laid out.


ReliefWeb is a comprehensive site for professionals interested in humanitarian, relief, and development work. In addition to job listings, ReliefWeb also offer news updates, articles/reports, disaster updates, and information on organizations. Those searching for jobs can filter out positions by type (job, consultancy, internship, volunteer opportunity), career category, experience level, topic area, job location, region, organization, organization type, and closing date. Each filter category shows how many jobs are available in that category. The site has a wide variety of international jobs available and is fairly user-friendly, plus it offers additional resources for development professionals.


Devex functions as a community for international development professionals, offering news updates, workshops/webinars, profiles for international development professionals, articles on current issues and initiatives, and, of course, jobs and internship opportunities. While much of the Devex site is accessible to anyone, Devex memberships offer exclusive job postings, content, workshops, and connections. The memberships offered are for ID career professionals, recruiters looking for potential candidates, organizations and individuals looking for funding, and networkers looking to connect to other professionals and to news updates within the ID field. The job search section is user-friendly and can be filtered by job title, organization name, location, job level, position type, and posted date. The site offers a lot of resources for all levels of professionals in ID careers and can offer even more for paying members.


Devj is all about job-seeking and recruiting in international development. The primary function of the site is for ID professionals to find jobs and for organizations to post jobs and reach out to potential candidates. Job-seekers can upload their resume to connect with organizations doing work relevant to their experience. Through these professional profiles, recruiters can reach out to job-seekers directly about job opportunities. Jobs are sorted by organization category/type, keywords, and countries. They also provide a list of jobs that are closing soon. Devj also offers a membership option that gives members exclusive access to some job postings, resume featuring, various CV formatting options, and resume distribution service discounts.


CharityJob offers over 5,000 job postings and volunteer opportunities, plus courses and career advice for professionals interested in nonprofit work. In addition to jobs, interested professionals can also search for various volunteer opportunities, take courses and trainings to advance their careers, and read articles for professional development and charity work. Although most of the jobs are based in the UK, they do feature some jobs based in other regions/countries. Users can search by category, location, salary, sector, contract length, employer, and job level. They can also search for keywords. Job-seekers can register a resume for free, which will make it easier for them to apply for jobs and connect to recruiters. The site is free, user-friendly, and well-laid out.


UNjobs is a popular site to look for jobs within UN organizations or other intergovernmental organizations, although you cannot apply directly through the site. Users can search for jobs by keywords or can look at jobs by clicking one of the categories listed: Latest, Duty Stations, Organizations, Closing Soon. This site functions only to help job-seekers search for specific UN/IO jobs and provide information about the posting outside of the official employment portals. It can be helpful in finding jobs that may not come up in searches on the official sites and the groupings can help interested applicants narrow their searches.


DevNetJOBS provides ways for job-seekers to search for jobs and career events, as well as post their resume and provide a profile for recruiters to connect with. Although non-members have access to plenty of job postings and weekly job newsletters, DevNetJOBS also offers a Value Membership that allows members to access exclusive jobs, alerts, online applications, and advanced job searches. They also have a Value Membership + Broadcast Resume plan that allows professionals to be featured and headhunted by recruiters. Free memberships have access to searches by keywords and sector, and can filter out non-consulting opportunities. With membership, users can also search by country, specific location, and organization. While the site has overwhelming information on the home page, the actual job search function is intuitive and easy to use.