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Top 10 Humanitarian Internships to Start Your Humanitarian Career

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in humanitarian work, internships are a great way to get started. There are a number of organizations that offer internship opportunities in various fields, including relief work, social work, and international development.

Some of the most popular humanitarian organizations offering internships include the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Oxfam, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). These organizations often have programs specifically for students and recent graduates interested in humanitarian work.

Other ways to get involved in humanitarian work include volunteering with local organizations or nonprofits working in communities affected by natural disasters or conflict. This type of work can be extremely rewarding and provide valuable experience for those interested in pursuing a career in humanitarian work.

1. UNICEF paid internship program

Students are given an opportunity to attain practical experience in UNICEF’s line of work. The UNICEF paid internship program will arise as the needs arise in various offices.

  • They need to be conversant in the languages of the various offices especially the office they are applying to.
  • They must have either graduated or currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. program.
  • On top of an excellent academic record, they should not have a relative in UNICEF’s offices or where they will be reporting to.

2. American Red Cross Paid Internship

Each November, Undergraduates, and graduates are handed the opportunity to work with Red Cross on both local and national levels.

With applications opening every November, those who get through the phone interview and the second interview work for ten weeks with 40 hour weeks. However, they are not reimbursed for costs incurred in relocation or housing.

They have flexible schedules to be able to make the balance of classes possible.

3. Doctors Without Borders Internship

Based in New York City, Their numerous internship programs cover spring, summer and fall periods.

There are numerous internship programs like Access HIV among others with each program having its unique criteria for application and duties assigned.

The assignments can stretch for four months with 20 hour weeks depending on the program.

They seek competence in communication, written and English skills. Due to the stiff competition, priority is given to those with experience or weighty knowledge.

The applicants should be able to sustain themselves without sponsorship due to the fact that costs like housing will not be covered.

4. Care USA Internship programs

Care USA Internship program is a program that focuses its efforts on saving lives, defeating poverty across the globe and achievement of social justice mainly concentrating on women and girls.

Among the critical topics the intern will pick up during the period will be global development and health.

The USA office of this program hires both undergraduate and graduate students who seek to promote this mission.

Hiring across spring, summer, and fall, the vacancies are posted on CARE USA website while the international opportunities are posted on CARE’s Sites across the world.

5. FAO Internship program

Food and Agriculture organization is an international organization that campaigns on wastage of food and to combat hunger around the world.

The interns will work in any of their offices across the world. They must be under 30 years of age, and they must be either graduate or completed two years of their undergraduate program.

They should complaisant with the English, Spanish or French languages. They should moreover not have any relatives working in the organization.

The stipend will be $700 monthly with interns or sponsor entities in charge of travel and visa costs.

The internship program will last for 3 to 6 months or on the period of agreement of FAO and the sponsoring party.

6. UNDP Internships

This is a chance for individuals to get hands-on experience in the United Nations Development Program focused on eradicating poverty, inequality, and exclusion in the community.

The internship program will depend on the needs of the organizations, qualifications of the intern and the availability of the programs.

The choosing criteria are competitive with requirements like:

  • Students should return to their studies
  • They should be enrolled in a graduate-level program
  • They should be competent in written and oral language skills and languages like Spanish, English, and French among others like Arabic and Portuguese and Russian.
  • They should be interested in global mobility and respect the UN Charter and UNDP Statement of Purpose.
  • The applications should be forward their applications to the relevant office

7. WILPF Internship program

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom is a program to bring women from different backgrounds to advocate for permanent peace upon knowing the causes of war.

The applicants should at the time of application and internship be undertaking a Master’s program of already have a Master’s degree.

The lines of studies required in this program are either International Relations, international Law, or Gender Studies. Studying Human Rights is also considered.

The internship is based in Geneva running from April through October.

The individuals will work on communicative aspects to help the organization voice their campaign in areas like blogging, website management, and use of social media among others with 30 percent of the internship being working on administrative support.

The experience preferred will in areas like online social activism, data management systems, task management systems and WordPress.

They require competence in the use of English and additionally French and Spanish.

8. World Health Organization Internship Program

This is an organization focused on international public health. Interns will gain insight into the organization’s work.

The requirements are:

  • Undergraduates are not accepted. Applicants should be from a second-degree university or a graduate university and enrolled at the time of application and internship
  • 20 years of age at minimum
  • Have a first degree in public health or medical field related to the organization’s work.
  • Fluent in the office of assignment’s language.

It offers summer and winter internships, May to October and November to April respectively.

9. World Youth Alliance Internship Program

World Youth Alliance Internship Program is a program founded to help preserve the dignity of a person inclusive of aspects like culture.

The individual will be able to pick up skills like project management, network building and learn about the dignity of a person.

10. UNESCO Internship

In its quest to fight poverty, UNESCO has offered internship programs lasting from 1 to 4 months.

The interns are ones that have completed undergraduate studies and are currently enrolled in graduate and post-graduate studies.

As the individual picks up professional experience, they will be focusing on the organization’s activities towards its strategy or its technical and administrative aspects.