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Top 33 Entry Level Jobs at International Development Organizations

Development organizations play an important role in improving the lives of people in developing countries. These organizations work to provide essential services, promote economic growth, and alleviate poverty. Many development organizations are funded by governments, foundations, or international financial institutions.

Some of the most well-known development organizations include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations Development Programme. These organizations work to promote global economic stability and reduce poverty around the world. Other notable development organizations include Oxfam, Save the Children, and Habitat for Humanity. These organizations provide essential services to communities in need, such as food assistance, healthcare, and housing.

Here is a list of International Development Organizations for your consideration.


ACTED is a French NGO that focuses its efforts on immediate humanitarian relief and long-term, sustainable growth and opportunities. Currently, they have projects in 35 countries throughout Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East, South & East Asia, and Central America. Their work primarily targets the areas of emergency relief, food security, health promotion, education, economic development, microfinance, advocacy and institutional support, and cultural promotion.

Their entry level jobs offer a wide range of opportunities for young professionals, from teaching French to project management to fundraising and grants management. Most entry level jobs are fixed term for 6 to 12 months but present the chance to get hands-on, valuable experience with an international development organization that works with insecure countries and communities. You can apply for these positions through their online job listings.

Heartland Alliance International

Heartland Alliance is an international organization that focuses on homelessness, poverty, and safety. They specifically help people access jobs, housing, healthcare, and legal aid. They also conduct research and advocate for policy change regarding poverty, housing, healthcare, immigrants, and more. Heartland’s headquarters and primary services are based in Chicago, Illinois, but their work expands to countries around the world.

Heartland offers several entry level jobs in their Chicago office, in their other US locations, and in their international locations. Entry level job applicants can work as policy research fellows, program associates, various types of case managers, and tech communications specialists. For those in specific fields such as dentistry, medical, and legal, they also offer entry level opportunities as part of their field work and community-based programs. You can apply for these positions online through their employment portal.

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP is a department of the United Nations that specifically works in the areas of sustainable development, democratic governance and peacebuilding, and climate and disaster resilience. Their programs also advance empowerment for vulnerable groups such as women, minorities, and the poor. The UNDP works in countries all over the world, providing opportunities to work on gender equality, health, crisis response, poverty reduction, and more.

The UNDP offers many entry level opportunities in both their headquarters and international offices. Opportunities range from social media/celebrity relations consultants to program associates to junior/independent consultants. Experience requirements for entry level positions range from 0 to 3 years depending on the education requirements. Not all positions require a Master’s degree, but most require a degree in international development, international affairs, social work, or a related field, unless the opportunity is specific to a job skill such as communications or human resources. Many of the positions require fluency in another language. Jobs are listed on the UNDP website under current vacancies.

Mekong Institute

Mekong Institute is an intergovernmental organization that provides capacity building programs and development projects that focus on regional cooperation and integration. Their three broad goals are improved agricultural profitability, capacity building and support for small/medium businesses, and increased application and use of innovative and technological connectivity. Mekong Institute projects are located in the six member countries of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), which includes Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Most of the entry level positions at Mekong Institute require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree but do not have work-length experience requirements. Entry level positions are primarily within program development and communications. Some positions are only open to country-nationals, but all require fluency in English. Fluency in a GMS language is preferred and helpful. Applications are online under the “Jobs” section.

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The OSCE is an international organization that works in the areas of politics and military, economics and environment, human development, and other major security and development issues. The OSCE has 57 participating member states from Europe, North America, and Asia. Most of their programs are focused in Southeastern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Their project areas include anti-trafficking, migration, anti-terrorism, arms control, Roma and Sinti, the environment, and rule of law, to name a few.

The OSCE offers many entry level opportunities for young professionals, especially in the areas of human security, communications, program development, and program monitoring. Some entry level positions are contracted, and most require a Bachelor’s degree plus work experience or a Master’s degree with up to 2 years of experience. Some positions require specific expertise in careers like police, travel agent, media, etc. Most positions are open either to member-states only or to country-nationals. Fluency in other languages is often required. Positions are posted through their employment portal on the OSCE website.

International Centre for Migration Policy Development

ICMPD is an international organization that includes 15 member states, as well as other partner organizations. The organization strives to provide consultation, research, and policy recommendations to governments and organizations regarding issues related to migration. ICMPD primarily focuses on the areas of research, migration dialogues, and capacity building. They deal with issues such as human trafficking, border management, asylum, legal migration and integration, irregular migration and return, and migration and development. Their work is primarily based in their 15 member states, which are all European countries.

ICMPD typically has at least a few entry level jobs offered within their vacancies. These jobs are often in the areas of program implementation/management and communications. Many of the entry level positions require a Bachelor’s degree in international development, international affairs, or a related field, as well as 2 years of work experience. Fluency in another language is almost always required, varying based on job location. Some jobs have specific nationality or residency requirements, but many are open for all candidates. Job postings are listed on their website.

International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee works primarily with refugees, although their programs are not limited to that group. In particular they focus on humanitarian crises, including refugees, conflict, disaster, and human trafficking. Their programs focus on economic wellbeing, education, safety, health, and power (knowing your rights). Their work is international, with domestic resettlement and development programs based in the United States and widespread development programs located throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

IRC typically has hundreds of job openings available at any time, including several entry level positions. They offer a wide range of job areas, as well as temporary, part-time, and contracted jobs. Applicants can work in humanitarian aid, reception & placement, grants, human resources, finance, medical, emergency, economic development, and more. Entry level positions require a variety of education and work experience based on the actual position. All of their positions can be found through the IRC employment portal.

Relief International

Relief International is a development organization that focuses specifically on economic development, education, health, and water/sanitation/hygiene. They focus specifically on vulnerable populations including those living in underserved/remote areas, refugees/IDPs, women and girls, and small-scale business-owners and farmers. Their projects are located in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, while their headquarters are based in the US and UK.

Relief International offers several entry level opportunities in both their head offices and their international locations. Typical entry level positions area program assistant/officers, communications officers, and monitoring & evaluation. Some positions have specific language or nationality requirements. Most of the entry level positions require at least a Bachelor’s degree and 2 to 3 years of work experience. Their international and head office jobs are in two separate employment portals, both of which can be found through their website.

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund is an international organization that focuses on the protection of nature. With projects in over 100 countries, their widespread reach works to increase security of forests, oceans, fresh water, wildlife, food, and climate. WWF works at every level, ranging from local community to national governments to global partnerships. In regards to their six target areas, they hope to transform policies and businesses to better conserve wildlife and the environment.

Entry level jobs are primarily located in WWF’s Washington, DC headquarters and focus on programs, grants, and communications. Most positions require a Bachelor’s degree and 2-4 years of experience. Those with a background in environmental work are highly preferred for all positions, regardless of field of expertise. Job listings can be found on their website through the link at the bottom of their page.

World Bank Group

The World Bank Group develops programs that specifically work to decrease poverty and promote shared prosperity. Through loans, policy advice, research, technical assistance, and partnerships, the World Bank works to build infrastructure and develop sustainable growth in countries throughout the world. While their headquarters are based in Washington, DC, they work in countries in every continent to help governments and organizations with long-term development. Their primary areas of work focus on economic policy, environment, finance, human/gender development, private sector development, public sector management, social development, and urban and rural development.

Many of the entry level jobs offered through the World Bank Group are administrative assistant positions; however, the organization offers programs that specifically target young professionals with advanced education and little work experience. Through programs such as the Young Professionals Program, entry level applicants can gain experience through a program specifically developed for their skill levels that will lead to greater opportunities within the organization and within other organizations. Job postings can be found under the career section of their website, while the professional development programs can be found under their programs and internships section.

More Organizations

Alliance for Peacebuilding

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Alliance for Peacebuilding combines the actions of a wide range of organisations committed to building peace and ensuring security around the world. The alliance is directly involved in conflict prevention and resolution projects.

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)

BASIC is an independent organisation that researches and advocates on a wide range of matters related to nuclear policy, military strategies, disarmament and other global security issues.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

A private nonprofit organisation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was founded to help nations better cooperate with each other and advocates for greater U.S. involvement in international affairs.

Center for International Policy

The Center for International Policy is a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit organisation that researches and advocates for greater transparency and accountability in U.S. foreign policy.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

By developing strategies and policies for economic and political decision makers, the Center for Strategic and International Studies strives to increase prosperity and security around the world.

Conciliation Resources

A charity non-governmental organisation based in the UK, Conciliation Resources partners with local and international organisations and government agencies to promote peace in Caucasus, Uganda and West Africa.

HD Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue promotes humanitarianism and strives to prevent conflicts through dialogue.

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre

Founded in 1985, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre serves as an arbitrator for companies and governments and focuses primarily on Asia.

ICC – International Criminal Court

The ICC is a permanent court that tries individuals accused of serious international crimes, such as war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.


International Conflict Research or INCORE combines the resources and research of the United Nations University and the University of Ulster to study and address the conflicts in Northern Ireland.

International Alert

International Alert is an independent non-governmental organisation that promotes peace through a variety of projects at local, national, regional and global levels.

International Crisis Group

A nonprofit nongovernmental organisation, the International Crisis Group works to preserve peace and bring deadly conflict to an end.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is a humanitarian organisation with four main focuses: disaster preparedness, disaster response, furthering humanitarian principles and providing health care in communities.

International IDEA

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance is an inter-governmental organisation that works to establish and preserve democratic governments throughout the world.

International Institute for Strategic Studies Welcome

International Institute for Strategic Studies conducts research, advocates and consults on topics related to military conflict, political risk and global security.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

An inter-governmental organisation, IOM works with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations to assist countries and communities with issues related to migration.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps responds to humanitarian crises, conflicts and areas of chronic property to improve conditions for those affected.


The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe researches and advocates for issues related to international security. These include arms control, security building, human rights, protection of minorities, democratization, policing, environmental protection and counter terrorism.

Peace Brigades International: PBI

A nongovernmental organisation, PBI fights for human rights and works to resolve conflicts without violence.

Peace Direct

Peace Direct is a grassroots organisation that works in conflict zones around the world to fight for peace. The organisation provides funding and media support for local peacebuilders.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute conducts research into the areas of armament and disarmament, arms control, conflict resolution and prevention and peacebuilding.

Transparency International

Comprised of more than 90 local chapters, Transparency International is committed to putting a stop to the abuse of power, secret deals and bribery in government organisations. The group works through governments, businesses, media and civil society.