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Organization: CARE
Job Type: Full-Time
Country: United States
Experience: Senior Level (6-10 years)
Languages: English
Category: Human Resources
Topic: Peacekeeping/Peacebuilding
Application Deadline: 30. June 2021

Job Description

We seek a creative detective to join our talent acquisition team. Someone who can find needles in haystacks. Develop creative ways to assess candidates. Negotiate complex offers. And make both candidates and internal clients happy.

  • Create recruitment strategy. Each recruitment is like a mini casting call, requiring a clear understanding of the role and the reasons a candidate would want to play the part. So before filling a role, we look to you to clarify the three P’s: the position, the people involved, and the process.
  • Find people. Many candidates find us through our website and ads. When it comes to the best candidates, however, we often find them. To do so, we look to you to flex your sourcing savvy: to identifying candidates through industry associations, Boolean search strings, other NGOs, for-profit companies, and places we haven’t even thought of.
  • Emphasize opportunity. Great people come to CARE because of what we do and because of what they can do. We need you to sell opportunity: to advertise a manager role as a chance to breathe new life into a team, an analyst position as the opportunity to measure what matters.
  • Assess people. Knowing whether a candidate can do a job well and thrive in a team are the hardest nuts to crack in recruiting. We need you to crack them. With the help of interviews, case studies, presentations and other assessment tools, you will determine whether a candidate can do a job well and do it with great gusto.
  • Create tools. You will take stock of recruiting tools we already use and help create new tools to help us find, assess, and hire the best candidates.
  • Get a yes. Great recruiters never make an offer that won’t be accepted. So we need you to understand candidates’ thoughts and motivations every step of the way—during the initial phone interview, after an interview with a hiring manager, and often in between.

Your background

  • Recruiting credentials. We’re looking for a recruiter who knows things we don’t–someone with 7+ years of work experience, including 5+ years’ experience finding and hiring people in multiple countries for global corporations or NGOs. You have a bachelor’s degree or better yet, a master’s degree!
  • Sourcing savvy. You can find and reach out to passive candidates with personalized messages that build relationships and prompt talented people to apply. You can use online recruiting tools to identify great prospects. You are proficient in Boolean.
  • Ability to influence on diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI). CARE’s commitment to DEI goes beyond statements and slogans. We have committed to hiring Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) candidates for 50+ percent of our Director and higher positions in the United States and to hiring country nationals for 80 percent of our country directors by the end of next year. We also do not move to hiring manager interviews until our candidate slates for high-level roles contain 50 percent or more BIPOC candidates. We want a Talent Acquisition Partner who shares our commitment to DEI and infect hiring managers with that same commitment!
  • Organizational skills. You follow methodical steps and to develop and adhere to timelines. You multitask – to managing multiple searches that are at different stages is no problem for you.
  • Computer skills. You are comfortable using with Microsoft office, applicant tracking systems, and scheduling software.
  • Collaborative spirit. We want someone who actively listens and communicates. Who can connect easily with her team and gain their trust and respect. Who can roll up their sleeves and help others out in a pinch.
  • Problem solving skills. You have the intelligence to anticipate challenges and the resourcefulness to find solutions.
  • Flexibility. Sometimes you will have 3 months to recruit someone for a position; sometimes you will have only a week. You are comfortable in a fast-paced environment with fluid deadlines.
  • Analysis skills. You are can compare candidates and advise hiring managers on candidate strengths and weaknesses.
  • Lives our values. You can thrive in CARE’s culture. You can demonstrate inclusion, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Sense of Humor. You take your work seriously but not yourself. You unmute your mike to tell a joke or laugh.

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