10 Humanitarian Organizations Offering Jobs in Greece

Oxfam Greece

Oxfam is a global development organization mobilizing the power of people against poverty.  Oxfam Greece is a member of the  International confederation consisted of 19 organizations that work together with local communities in around 90 countries. When crisis occurs, Oxfam is there to help rebuild livelihoods and work to find innovative and practical solutions for people to end their poverty.

Oxfam started its operations in Greece in October 2015 as a response to the worsening humanitarian situation for people arriving from Turkey. Currently, it has offices in Athens, Lesbos and the Epirus region of Northwest Greece. Oxfam works to provide clean water, sanitation, food and non-food items, as well as free legal assistance to migrants and asylum seekers, including civil and criminal cases. It also campaigns with local and European organizations to raise voices of migrants and refugees so that European leaders act to protect and uphold their rights. If you wish to work with Oxfam or any of its affiliates please visit their jobs website.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

DRC is the Denmark’s largest international humanitarian NGO founded in 1956. The moment the crisis strikes, the DRC is there to work on humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities. It engages to ensure a dignified life for displaced people and communities in 40 countries of the world and it employs 9.000 staff and 7.500 volunteers.

The organization started working in Greece in November 2015 as a part of the joint emergency response to an influx of migrants and refugees reaching the country through the Eastern Mediterranean Migration Route. Its operations are coordinated from the country office in Athens, with offices in Lesbos, Thessaloniki and Larissa. DRC’s activities in Greece encompass site management support, protection monitoring and legal aid, and non-formal education. If you wish to join the DRC and support its mission in Greece, you can follow open job positions on its vacancies website.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

IOM was founded in 1951 and today, 67 years after, it is a world leading agency for migration. IOM Greece is one of the founding members of IOM and it has a long cooperation experience with the Greek government and the civil society with a goal of helping and supporting migrants.

IOM works to advance understanding of migration issues, encourages social and economic development through migration, and assists in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration movements. In Greece, IOM’s activities encompass relocation to other EU member states, site management support, migrant integration in collaboration with the Greek municipalities, primary health care, safe zones for unaccompanied children, and education of migrant and refugee children. If you wish to join IOM in Greece, please visit its vacancies website for open positions.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The UN Refugee Agency was founded in 1950 by the UN General Assembly to lead and coordinate activities to protect and support refugees around the world. The UNHCR advocates for the improvement of services and policies that affect the lives of refugees and supports governments in improving ways through which people can access their rights and apply for asylum.

The role of UNCHR varies from country to country. Specifically in Greece, the organization works closely with the government to provide support when there are gaps in shelter, water, sanitation, food, basic household items, health, education, information provision, coordination and site management. It also helps asylum seekers by connecting them with those who can provide legal representation and advice, and supports government officials and NGOs to enhance their capacities to respond to the needs of refugees. If you wish to work with UNHCR in Greece, you can check for open positions on its jobs website.

WeWorld GVC

WeWorldGVC is an Italian humanitarian NGO that was born from the merger between GCO NGO, founded in Bologna in 1971, and WeWorld Foundation, founded in Milan in 1999. The organization works in 29 countries worldwide with a goal of implementing development and humanitarian aid projects.

The main beneficiaries of the organization’s activities are children, women and youth. WeWorld GVC’s projects and campaigns are implemented in the fields of human rights, humanitarian aid, food security, water and sanitation, health, education and learning, socio-economic developments, environmental protection, global citizenships education and international volunteering. Particularly in Greece, the organization promotes alternative models of refugee integration for women and children in response to the refugee crisis. If you wish to join WeWorld GVC you please visit their careers website.

Lighthouse Relief

Lighthouse Relief is a humanitarian non-profit organization working with a mission ‘’of providing immediate crisis response, as well as long-term relief, for the most vulnerable groups in a dignified, respectful and empowering manner’’.

The organization provides emergency relief to people arriving to the north shore of Lesbos island in Greece and long-term psychosocial support to asylum seekers in Ritsona refugee camp located in mainland Greece. The mission of the Lighthouse Relief is to provide a dignified, empowering and respectful humanitarian response while focusing on vulnerable groups such as youth, children and women. The organization also provides clean-up programs to support the local communities in Lesbos. If you wish to work with the Lighthouse International and support its mission in Greece, you can browse for available positions on their careers website.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

MSF is an international humanitarian and medical organization that helps people in distress, victims of armed conflict or man-made disasters. MSF helps all people regardless of their race, religion or any other affiliations. It has 5 operational centers supported 23 offices around the world. The MSF’s mission in Greece provides medical and humanitarian aid to migrants and refugees fleeing conflict in their home countries.

MSF works actively on islands of Lesbos and Samos, as well as in Athens, to provide medical and mental healthcare to migrants and refugees. Its activities include vaccinating migrant children against common childhood diseases, providing reproductive and sexual healthcare, treating chronic diseases and taking care of victims of sexual violence and torture. If you are interested in participating in MSF’s activities in Greece, you can apply for open positions on their jobs website.

Lifting Hands International

Lifting Hands International is a humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to providing meaningful ways for individuals, families, and communities to help refugees at home and abroad. The organization has been responding to an ongoing refugee crisis in Greece since 2016 by meeting immediate and vital needs of thousands of refugees.

Lifting Hands International works in the city of Serres, about an hour away from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, where it operates a community center. It works with a population of more than one thousand Yazidi refugees at the local refugee camps, where it provides regular distribution of humanitarian aid and a range of psycho-social support programs. If you wish to join Lifting Hands International and help refugees yourself, you can apply for open positions through their careers website.

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The IRC was founded on the request of Albert Einstein to help people who were fleeing wars and disasters. Today, the IRC acts as an international humanitarian organization helping people to recover and survive, supporting them in areas of safety, empowerment, economic wellbeing, health and education.

The IRC works also in Greece, which currently hosts around 50.000 refugees. It started its mission in 2015 and so far it has helped approximately 30.000 refugees. The organization works to ensure that these refugees understand their rights and provides them with psycho-social support and job trainings so that they can rebuild their lives. The IRC helps refuges through implementation of programs of economic recovery and development, information, protection and psychological support, and environmental health. If you wish to work with IRC in Greece, you can follow open positions on their careers website.

Solidarity Now

Solidarity Now was established in 2013 with a commitment to improve lives of vulnerable people so they can pursue a better future with dignity and perspectives. It provides services to migrant and refugee populations in Greece with a vision ‘’of a strong Europe based on solidarity and open society values’’.

The organization implements programs that provide assistance and support as a response to the humanitarian crisis in several areas across Greece. Its programs focus on providing access to basic healthcare and food aid, defending human rights and freedom, and supporting the integration of minorities and vulnerable groups. Solidarity Now cooperates with other humanitarian agencies, such as UNHCR, UNICEF and CARE International to reach the broadest range of beneficiaries. If you wish to work with Solidarity Now, please visit their jobs website.

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