Global Cold Chain Specialist

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Organization: Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion
Job Type: Full-Time
Country: France
Experience: Mid Career (3-5 years)
Languages: English, French
Category: Logistics/Procurement
Topic: Human Rights
Application Deadline: 25. April 2021

Job Description

The main mission of the Global Cold chain Specialist is to support HI-AL and its programs in the design and implementation and development of the cold chain component in the Logistics Platform area of intervention

Task 1:
Develop, frame and disseminate professional approaches, know-how, positioning and interventions for the Platform Logistics Cold chain component. Emphasis will be placed primarily on the development of temperature-controlled transport and storage activities, but will also cover other aspects of the cold chain component such as vaccine transport and the establishment and capacity building of a pool of experts. Ensure sectorial Logistics Platform Cold chain, harnessing and appropriation of norms and international standards internally. Write and deploy the framework documentation containing HI-AL’s norms and standards; and ensure dissemination. Guarantee complementarity of standards and norms between HI-AL sectors. Contribute to the development of the Logistics Platform-Cold chain strategy and its implementation.

Task 2:
Provide technical and methodological support to Platform Logistics Cold chain projects implemented by field teams. You are also in charge of ensuring the inter-field and global technical coherence of the intervention, through support the recruitment, development of a pool of expert and onboarding of staff on the cold chain for field project, field missions, exploratory missions (once international travel will be allowed again) regular distance exchanges, training facilitation, technical coaching, etc…

Task 3:
In coordination with the technical specialists carrying out HI-AL’s other sectors of intervention in a humanitarian context, you develop synergies and a holistic and inclusive approach to meet the needs in terms of transport and temperature-controlled storage of aid actors in the context of reaching populations affected by a crisis

Task 4:
Contribute to the improvement of technical know-how through the development of lessons learnt, research and innovation projects on the Cold chain theme,when relevant. Identify strategic learning questions. Ensure technical learning from projects by using lessons learned and best practices (review of capitalization and assessments) if needed.

Task 5:
In support of the team leader and in connection with the Atlas Development Officer and the Atlas Deputy Director, ensure internal and external representation on the Cold Chain expertise. You are involved in various external technical networks and, if necessary, ensure the link with other actors of the humanitarian response.
Contribute to the development of major opportunities or new projects on the Logistics – Cold Chain Platform, in agreement with the Atlas Management and the institutional funding team


Education background:
University degree in health logistics, vaccine logistics, maintenance or any other field related to the cold chain (BAC + 3 / Bac +4)

Professional experience:

  • Minimum of five years of professional experience in logistics cold chain management – In humanitarian contexts in an international NGO – Or in cold supply chain in the private sector
  • An experience in NGO HQ will be appreciated

Required skills:

  • Logistics cold chain technical expertise
  • Know project cycle mechanisms and main MEAL tools and methods (Monitoring, evaluation …)
  • Capacity to plan activities in his/her area with clear, specific and measurable objectives.
  • Capacity to develop new resources or adapt existing resources in order to make them evolve and / or adapt them to the context when necessary (can identify and respond to nexus emergencies / development issues).
  • Capacity to evaluate the impact / effects of the activities of his/her sector of services.
  • Capacity to develop skills building activities for adults (adult training)
  • Capacity to communicates in a clear, concise and responsible way respecting the interlocutor; adapt its communication method and its message, especially in the context of intercultural communication, and remotely
  • Know how to negotiate, manage problems and conflicts. Set a frame, rules and clear boundaries.
  • Can accompany, motivate a person / group, adapts his leadership to the group to bring him to a common goal
  • Well organized & meticulous
  • Capacity to promote participation and cooperation in the activities of his/her sector of services and in multidisciplinary / sectoral work
  • Bold (initiator / entrepreneur)
  • Responsiveness
  • Work in a team / network, cooperate. Respect the opinions and value the skills of each one in view of a joint action
  • Give and receive constructive feedback; interact in a multidisciplinary team, network and collaborate.
  • Have an empathic attitude. Demonstrate interest in what each person is experiencing and feeling, “putting themselves in another person’s place” and listening to their needs adopt an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment of the person.
  • Resilience to stress and uncertainty
  • Strong sense of humour
  • Proficiency in written and oral institutional communication, in French and in English
  • Proficiency of the office pack (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)


  1. Starting date: 10th of May 2021
  2. Length of the contract: 4 months
  3. Type of contract: HQ contract
  4. Salary depending on the experience of the candidate
  5. Additional benefits: luncheon vouchers and health insurance
  6. Working hours: 39 hours/week
  7. Paid holidays and RTT: equivalent of 9 weeks/year

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