10 Humanitarian Organizations Offering Jobs in Sydney

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that saves lives and supports people during and after disasters. It works to reduce suffering during wars and conflicts while promoting the laws of war. Regardless of circumstances, the organization works to assist the most vulnerable community members.

Australian Red Cross works on the basis of fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. It cooperates with politicians, policy-makers and other organizations and the public the improve lives of the most vulnerable people in Australia and worldwide. It advocates and empowers people to take action and speak out to improve their lives. If you wish to join the Australian Red Cross and contribute to its mission, please visit their careers website.

Medicins Sans Frontieres Australia

Medicins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian medical aid organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by conflicts, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. It was established in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists and since then it has become a worldwide movement of more than 42.000 people.

The Médecins Sans Frontières Australia office was set up in 1994 in Sydney. Its work is guided by medical ethics and the principles of neutrality, independence and impartially. Every year, around two hundred New Zealanders and Australians are sent to and supported in the field by this office. If you wish to be a member of the team and join Medicins Sans Frontieres Australia, please visit their careers website.

Act for Peace

Act for Peace is an international humanitarian aid organization working to respond to emergencies and implementing long-term development and humanitarian projects as well as advocacy initiatives to meet the needs of vulnerable communities. When a disaster strikes, Act for Peace responds fasts and works together with local organizations to save lives.

Currently, Act for Peace is working with partners in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Indonesia, the Pacific and with refugee communities in Australia. It assists communities in these countries to take control over their lives so they are able to create a lasting change. If you wish to join and work with Act for Peace, please visit their jobs website.


Transform Aid International

Transform Aid International is an international Christian humanitarian organization currently working in 18 countries where it implements development and disaster projects that strengthen and empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Just in 2019, the organization’s projects directly benefited 332.391 people.

Transform Aid International helps communities respond, recover and rebuild when a disaster strikes. It delivers risk reduction training for community leaders to be able to develop disaster action plans and when a disaster strikes, it equips in-country partners to respond by providing shelter, food, water and basic medical aid. The organization also helps rebuild livelihoods and infrastructures once the immediate emergency has passed. If you wish to join Transform Aid International, please visit their jobs website.

ActionAid Australia

ActionAid is both human rights and humanitarian aid organization working on poverty eradication while focusing on supporting women in poor communities worldwide to campaign for their rights. ActionAid Australia began its work in 2009, and since then it supports women living in exclusion and poverty across the world.

ActionAid Australia partners with local women’s organizations across the world and supports them in designing and leading programs for change, from providing them with the tools to campaign for safer cities to responding to climate disasters. The organization also fundraises and campaigns for necessary resources women need to lead change for gender equality and social justice. If you wish to join ActionAid Australia, please visit their jobs website.

Australia for UNHCR

Australia for UNHCR is the national partner of the UN Refugee Agency in Australia, working to raise awareness and funds to support UNHCR’s response to humanitarian crises. It does this by reaching Australian individual donors, foundations, trusts and other organizations.

Besides fundraising, the organization also motivates and empowers Australians to directly fund projects with a long-term effect such as running livelihood programs, building schools and providing healthcare. Other types of fundraising that the organization uses is also through community events, corporate partnerships and foundation work. It also conducts education and advocacy initiatives to raise awareness on UNHCR’s work with displaced people and refugees worldwide. If you want to work with Australia for UNHCR, please visit their careers website.

World Vision Australia

World Vision Australia is Australia’s largest international humanitarian NGO focuses on the sustained wellbeing of the most vulnerable children. It has more than 50 years of experience in development, relief and advocacy work both in Australia and worldwide.

The organization partners up with communities to address the root causes of poverty and provides them with support to put their own plans into action. It also responds to natural disasters such as cyclones, tsunamis and earthquakes to save lives by distributing essential items such as water, food and shelter. If you wish to work with World Vision Australia, please visit their careers website.

Islamic Relief Australia

Islamic Relief Australia (IRAUS) is a member of the global Islamic Relief, a large international humanitarian organization whose members are ‘’joined together through a spirit of collaboration and through sharing a common vision, mission and identity’’.

IRAUS is composed of Australian staff, volunteers and supporters who work together to address injustices and empower communities while being inspired by Islamic values. The organization works with communities to provide emergency aid when disasters strikes as well as to strengthen their resilience to calamities. It tackles the root causes of poverty and ensures that vulnerable people have influence in its programs and advocacy. If you want to join IRAUS, please visit their vacancies website.

Sago Network

Sago Network is an NGO that has been working in Papua New Guinea since 2008 with a goal of strengthening lives in this country by improving hygiene standards, sanitation and water at a community level. It partners up with local communities to address access to safe sanitation and drinking water.

The organization’s programs are focused on partnering with rural and coastal communities that are ready to achieve positive changes in their villages and each project that is implemented puts local people at the center of their own development process. Communities are involved in decision-making processes and in shaping the project’s core objectives. Also, they are encouraged to contribute towards their achievement. If you wish to join Sago Network and help communities in Papua New Guinea, please visit their jobs website.

Opportunity International Australia

Opportunity International is an NGO that raises funds in Australia and provide support through loans, innovations and training in poor communities in developing countries while empowering families to achieve sustainable future.

Opportunity International provides microfinance loans for 5.6 million borrowers in the Philippines, India and Indonesia. With these loans they are presented with an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty but also participate in community development services, such as nutrition training, domestic violence support and mitigating the child sex trafficking industry. The loan recipients are supported on a regular basis, not just when it comes to their repayments, but also on how their business is performing and other community issues. If you wish to join Opportunity International Australia, please visit their careers website.

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