10 Humanitarian Organizations Offering Jobs in Kenya

Mercy Corps

As one of the largest humanitarian organizations, Mercy Corps has worked in Kenya since 2008 to address underlying causes of crisis it faces such as poverty, high rates of unemployment, youth alienation and food insecurity.

Mercy Corps in Kenya supports young people to become productive members of their communities by engaging them in civil society activities and connecting them to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Also, the organization works on strengthening local communities by teaching them skills to face climate change crisis such as droughts and to be able to adapt and recover. Last, but not least, Mercy Corps supports sustainable agriculture by empowering farmers to access technology and markets to help them improve their productivity and food security. If you wish to join Mercy Corps in Kenya, please visit their careers website.

International Organization for Migration Kenya (IOM)

Established in 1951, IOM is the leading UN organization in the field of migration dedicated to promoting humane migration for the benefit of all by providing services and advice to the governments and migrants.

Kenya has been a member state of IOM since 1983. Its office is based in the capital Nairobi and it has sub-offices in Kakuma and Dadaab and a field office in Mombasa. IOM Kenya employs over 300 staff who work to ensure humane management of migration, provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people, assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and promote international cooperation on migration issues. IOM Kenya partners with several other organizations and government agencies to ensure the implementation of its programs. If you want to work with IOM in Kenya, follow open vacancies postings on their vacancies website.


PACT was established in 1971 as a non-profit international organization. Today, it works in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas implementing programs in nearly 40 countries to improve the lives of people who are affected by poverty and marginalization.

In Kenya, PACT works together with the EU Trust for Africa, to empower communities in the country to build prosperity and peace along their borders. PACT uses systemic solutions that address root causes of cross-border conflict and with local communities to strengthen conflict management systems. It engages local governments, women, religious leaders, security forces and people affected by violence and conflict in its programs. The organization also promotes economic development, improves the public’s access to legal information, enhances legal aid services and increases the capacity and sustainability of legal aid organizations in Kenya. If you wish to work with PACT in Kenya, please visit their careers website.

Oxfam Kenya

Oxfam has been working in Kenya since 1963 with a vision of ‘’a transformed Kenyan society in which each individual, regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, or social standing, is able to access basic services, and fully participate in decision-making processes on issues that affect their lives and can be heard’’.

Oxfam Kenya implements development, humanitarian assistance and peace and conflict resolution programs. When it comes to humanitarian assistance, Oxfam works in partners to support communities to build and strengthen their resilience to natural disasters which have increased over the years, such as floods, landslides and droughts. Additionally, Oxfam also focuses on providing technical assistance to the Kenyan government and other national organizations so they are able to effectively respond to humanitarian emergencies. If you want to contribute Oxfam’s mission in Kenya, please visit their jobs website.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Kenya

NRC is a humanitarian international organization that assists people on the ground escaping war and conflict. In Kenya, NRC assists displaced people and refugees who fled from Somalia and settled in refugee camps and the surrounding host communities in Garissa and Turkana counties.

NRC provides basic education services to displaced and vulnerable youth in Dadaab and Kakuma providing them with professional certification in trades like computer skills, journalism, media, photography and similar. NRC also helps displaced people with free legal consultation and other legal services. It also strives to improve people’s living conditions and access to livelihood opportunities by providing them with training courses and career guidance. Last, but not least, the organization improves access to safe and sufficient water and sanitation facilities and promotes hygiene awareness. If you want to be a change maker for displaced people and work with NRC, please visit their careers website.

Kenya Red Cross

The Kenya Red Cross was founded in 1965 and its Constitution is based on the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols of 1977. The organization is recognized by the Kenyan government as the only National Red Cross Society that carries out its activities on the country’s territory.

The organization works with a vision of ‘’a sustainable, effective and trusted humanitarian organization serving present and future generations’’. The Kenya Red Cross works with communities, volunteers and partner organization to ensure preparedness to respond to humanitarian and development needs. Over the years, the organization gained confidence from Kenyan communities since it focuses on all of its collective capabilities and resources to alleviate human suffering and save lives. Its work is guided by the humanitarian principles of innovation, respect, integrity and service to humanity. If you want to become a humanitarian and help Kenya Red Cross in achieving their mission, please visit their jobs website.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

IFRC is a global humanitarian organization that provides humanitarian assistance to millions of people across the world through its 192 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. It is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, together with the International Committee of the Red Cross and National Societies.

The organization carries out relief operations to assist victims of disasters. The IFRC’s Africa regional office is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and it works to support 49 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in sub-Saharan Africa. It provides coordination, financial, and technical support for long-term development programs and technical support for disaster operations to country offices. The IFRC’s work focuses on four core areas: promoting humanitarian values, disaster response, disaster preparedness, and health and community care. If you wish to work with the IFRC in Kenya or some other country, please visit their vacancies website.

World Concern

World Concern is a Christian global relief and development organization that helps people who live in extreme poverty. In Kenya, World Concern serves the poorest and most vulnerable population living in remote villages and are not reached by other assistance.

The organization implements several programs to help Kenya’s poorest. It works closely with community leaders to determine the most sustainable water sources and build water systems so that everyone has access to clean water and sanitation. It also helps women and men to engage in business opportunities through community run banks and loans. It equips families and individuals with skills to develop sustainable sources of income and teaches farmers better farming methods so they can increase their incomes. Last, but not least, it provides solar lighting to villages. If you wish to join the World Concern in Kenya, please visit their careers website.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

DRC was founded in 1956 in Denmark and since then it has become an international humanitarian organization that employs more than 9.000 staff and 7.500 volunteers. The organization assists refugees and internally displaced people in 40 countries by providing emergency aid, fighting for their rights and strengthening their opportunity for a brighter future.

DRC has been operating in Kenya since 2005. It works in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, as well as in Nairobi and Mombasa, where is assists refugees and displaced people through implementation of protection activities to increase their self-reliance and expand opportunities for a dignified life. The organization works in partnership with the UN agencies, NGOs and government agencies to advance solutions for issues affecting displaced populations in Kenya and increasing social and economic potentials of refugees to reduce the burden on the hosting communities. If you want to join DRC, check out for open vacancies on their website.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief is a humanitarian aid agency that provides humanitarian relief in over 40 countries around the world. The organization serves all communities and people, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, gender or political affiliation.

Islamic Relief works in Wajir, Mandera and Garissa counties in Kenya, which are mostly inhabited by nomadic pastoralists who are affected by droughts, flash floods and inter-clan conflict. It provides emergency food and water aid, as well as drilling and rehabilitating strategic boreholes in areas that are the most critically affected. The organization also works on bringing together conflicting parties in the management of borehole projects to ensure equal and fair access to water for all people. If you want to join the Islamic Relief Worldwide in Kenya, please visit their vacancies website.

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